Primavera By The Numbers*

Primavera is Arizona’s school of choice for students who are falling behind, want to get ahead, or don’t fit the traditional school mold.

Our Students

Each year over 20,000 students from across Arizona enroll at Primavera to get ahead, recover credits or find the flexibility they need to complete their high school diploma.


Students who take 1-2 classes to catch up on credits before returning to, or while enrolled in, traditional high school.


Full-time students who come to Primavera that are at risk of not graduating.


Primavera students between ages 18-21.

1 in 10:

Arizona high school seniors who enroll to take at least 1 course at Primavera each year.

Our Teachers

Primavera is proud to employ the best teachers and education professionals to provide the highest quality digital learning expereince.


Primavera’s average teacher salary which is 10% above the state average.


Primavera’s average class size.


Teachers and administrators supporting students at Primavera.

Academic Achievement

Primavera is the largest high school in Arizona, but also the highest performing alternative program in the state. Primavera tests three to four times more students than any other alternative school in the state.


Letter Grade awarded by the State Board of Education for 2019.


Primavera graduates in 2019. One of the largest graduating classes in Arizona.


Primavera’s drop out rate. One of the lowest in the state for alternative schools.


Primavera’s AzMERIT ELA score. The state average is 17.65% for alternative schools.


Primavera’s AzMERIT Math score. The state average is 17.09% for alternative schools.

Primavera Saves the State Millions

Primavera has become the de facto credit recovery program and the state’s largest alternative school, all at no additional cost to Arizona taxpayers or students. Serving a student body that is 70% at-risk of not graduating, Primavera awards diplomas to hundreds student that otherwise would not have completed high school.


Primavera has a large full-time student body – 20% of whom are adults ages 18-21. Over 900 of them graduated last year alone. Most graduates were at least one year behind after attending other high schools. This matters because, according to the Arizona Mayors Education Roundtable 2018 report, these graduates alone prevented an approximate $415 million in total estimated lifetime loss for Arizona.


Primavera saved families approximately $1.2 million last summer alone by enrolling over 6,700 students who would have otherwise paid $180 per class for traditional district summer school programs.


Number of Arizona students who drop out of school each year that Primavera has the opportunity to help.


The year Primavera was founded to help students who are falling behind, want to get ahead, or don’t fit the traditional school mold.

More great numbers of how Primavera helps Arizona and Arizona students coming soon!

*Data and information from 2018